Mental Health Backpack – Day 3

Social and Community Sources of Stress 

Many external forces can influence your mental well-being. All information and resources below are free and confidential.

Abuse/Domestic Violence/Partner Abuse

If you have questions about experiences in your relationships that you think may be abusive, you can find resources here or here. Love is Respect (first link) also has a Dating Abuse Hotline for real-time support and information.

You can call, text, or chat online with the National Domestic Violence Hotline if you are worried somebody in your life is the victim of abuse, or if you are a victim.

Bullying has information about what to do if you or someone you care about are being bullied, including resources about cyberbullying.

Visit this website to learn what kids can do.

Visit this website to learn what teens can do.

Climate anxiety 

If you feel anxious about climate change, you are not alone! Climate or Eco-anxiety is an increasingly common form of anxiety, especially among teens. 

Here are some resources and steps you can take to combat this form of anxiety. 


COVID-19 caused a major disruption in all of our lives, and it is normal to feel stressed about the pandemic. There are steps you can take to reduce this stress. 

Economic stress 

Here are some ideas for how to cope with stress related to money.

Family conflict 

Disagreements with family members is normal, but conflict can also be stressful, and can lead to unsafe situations. 

You can find information about family conflicts and conflict resolution here.

Sexual Health/Pregnancy 

You can find information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy, and other resources here.

You can find information about STIs, when to get tested, and resources for finding free testing centers here.

Access to free contraceptives (pregnancy prevention) and STI testing can be found in Massachusetts at these locations, among others:

Planned Parenthood has health centers across the state

The Clinic at BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer Youth)

Boston HAPPENS (HIV Adolescent Provider and Peer Education Network for Services) provides free testing, HIV counseling and testing at Boston Children’s Hospital

Codman’s X-Clinic (Dorchester)

Sexual violence 

If you have been the victim of rape, sexual assault, incest, or other forms of sexual violence, you can call RAINN for support and resources. 

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) provides a hotline, assistance getting medical treatment (they will escort you to a hospital), legal assistance and other services. 

Substance Use 

You can find information about alternative learning environments where students can complete their education in a substance use recovery environment here.

You can call the Mass Substance Use Helpline if you or somebody you know is struggling with substance use, which can help connect you with resources.


This post is part of our Mental Health Backpack series. A special thank you to our interns Malinda J. McPherson and Kristina Vo for their contributions to this project.